Sunday, March 10, 2013

Tucson Festival of Books

Many of our members volunteered at this year's Festival of Books. The University of Arizona put together a large collection of tents called Science City on the east side of the festival, and both CS and SISTA had set up demonstrations and activities to help kids get more interested in studying computing.

We had a table where we were creating a game from scratch throughout the entire day, and people could watch us as we made the game, play what we had so far, and write down their ideas for us to add later. We also had another computer where kids could play the games made by the students of the Game Design Workshop and the university class ISTA 251. So many people were interested in the summer workshop that we ran out of flyers during the second day.

Below are screenshots from the two games that we made, one for each day of the festival. The student volunteers who helped make these games include: Adam Stevens, Livio De La Cruz, Cindy Trieu, and Harvey Sam. Click here to download the games.

If you want too see all of the pictures from the festival, including those that weren't related to our game design table, click here!