Monday, March 11, 2013

Mutated - Team Ctrl+F+U's Game Jam Entry

This was the winning game during the Spring 2013 Game Jam. I was made by Team Ctrl+F+U, which included Patrick Wilkening and William Wilson.

This game took the theme of "evolution" and twisted it into the idea of mutation. The premise of the game is that you are fighting viruses that are trying to mutate your DNA, and you defend yourself by shooting particles at the incoming viruses. It's part rhythm game in that shooting a particle also places a note, and the control scheme is reminiscent to a musical keyboard.

The game was programmed using XNA, and even though Will had to leave after the first night, they were still able to finish the game several hours early before the game jam ended.

Click here to download the game (Windows only).

The file includes an executable as well as a folder that contains some assets that the game needs to run properly.