Sunday, March 17, 2013

03/04/2013: Re-cap - Time To Vote!

Elections are tomorrow and after hopefully a relaxing/exciting/adventurous Spring Break I thought it might be a good idea to refresh everyone's memory.

1. Club Elections!

For the elections tomorrow the voting procedure is quite simple; Anyone running for an office can only run for one office. This rule applies to current officers as well. The Game-server officer position is being turned into a pseudo-officer position and isn't part of these elections.

Also, remember to vote for me (Jonathan, A.K.A. "Save Point") for treasurer!

2. Future Meetings!

We had some discussions on what to do for future meetings since the last few have been mainly logistical because of the game jam and officer elections. There is a long list of talks that people want to do, and so hopefully we can get a schedule crafted as soon as people prepare their presentations. The talks range from 3D graphics and programming to "What is being Indie" and modding. The veteran members plan on sharing with us the legend of Project Sponge too.

3. Another Family Club

Our club is very programming based it seems, and so the idea has been tossed around to add a Digital Art extension to our club. Depending on the amount of interest it may break off and become it's own club, but regardless look towards more news on this during future meetings. In the meanwhile we are hoping to have more diverse talks about graphics, animation, sound, etc.

- Save Point