Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Robot 3000X - The Combines' Game Jam Entry

This game was created during our recent game jam by the team called The Combines. Our team was composed of four people: Cindy Trieu, Lauren Anglin, Shien Hong, and Livio De La Cruz.

Since the theme of the game jam was "evolution", our game is about a little robot called Robot 3000X which evolves from a simple box of switches to a self-aware life form. Because everyone knows that self-aware computers are highly dangerous, this triggers the lab's automatic defense systems, so it's up to the player to help Robot 3000X make his great escape out of the lab. It's almost like an infinite-running game where you're constantly gaining new powers as you keep going.

This game was made using Stencyl, and while the levels were not procedurally generated, there are a lot of glitches in there that might make you think otherwise. I think the glitches made the game more fun, since it was almost as if the game itself had evolved to become self-aware.

Click here to download the game.

The download link includes both the original files that we had at the end of the game jam, and a fixed version of the game which was created a few days after the game jam had ended. The .swf files are the executables that you would run to play the game, while the .stencyl files can be imported into Stencyl if you want to see how exactly our game was made.

Overall, I loved working on this team. While we may have been too big for our own good, we also seemed to be having more fun than everyone else. We weren't afraid to goof off even as the clock kept ticking, and we left the game jam feeling like we had all become really good friends.