Sunday, November 15, 2020

Hey everyone! A big thanks to everyone who participated in the Twine jam this weekend - there were some great games! You can view and play the submissions here

We're very excited to have our last guest speaker of the semester at our next meeting on November 16 at 5:30 MST (AZ time). We'll be doing a Q&A with Jeremy Lecus, a developer with quite a few titles under his belt and current technical producer at Cryptic Studios. He's worked on games such as D&D Neverwinter, Magic: Legends, and Star Trek Online. Previously, he has also worked as a producer at Warner Bros on Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, and as a producer and QA lead at Telltale games on titles such as Minecraft Story Mode and The Walking Dead. We don't always get to hear from people with this much experrience, so we hope as many of you as possible will join us on Twitch . Be sure to bring your questions!

If you can't make it to the meeting, feel free to submit questions in advance on our Discord. The meeting will be saved on Twitch and available to view for another 2 weeks. 

We're also coming up on holiday season! In the past, it's been our tradition to end the semester with a white elephant gift exchange. Since we obviously can't do that this year, we are going to have a virtual Steam gift exchange during our last meeting (November 30th) instead! There will be a a bot going live on our Discord server soon, and you can sign up for the exchange through there. 
A few rules:
- Participation is entirely voluntary! You do not need to participate. However, you must give a gift in order to get one.
- The spending limit is $15. Please do not go over this amount when purchasing your gifts.
We will announce more details on how it will work soon!

Lastly, our Officer Intern applications close this Thursday, November 19th!  Fill out this form to applyWe will be contacting applicants shortly to schedule interviews for the weekend of the 20th - 22nd, and interns will be announced at next week's meeting on the 23rd. 

Sunday, November 8, 2020

It's time for the Fall Twine Jam, everyone! 

The Twine Jam is an 8-hour "mini jam" for creating text-based adventure games in Twine. It is scheduled for Saturday, November 14th from 10am-5pm MST (AZ time, with game showcases taking place on our Discord server for the hour afterwards (5-6pm). Twine is super easy to pick up -  it's particularly good for those interested in writing more story-heavy games or with little to no prior programming experience. There will also be an optional theme revealed at the start of the jam. Sign up here!

In preparation for this, for Monday's meeting (November 14th), we'll be joined by the founder of our club's Twine jams himself, former club president Jeremy Deutsch! He'll be giving an interactive demo on how to create a Twine game, so come ready to exercise your writing chops! 

Also another reminder that Officer Intern Applications are now open! We will be taking on around 1-3 interns (depending on the number of applicants) to join the officer team during the spring semester. Interns will join us for weekly officer meetings and help plan club meetings and events. If you're interested in becoming a club officer or just want to see what it's like, we encourage you to apply! 
Here is the Google form application. It will be open until November 19th, after which we will contact applicants to schedule virtual interviews.
Feel free to reach out to any of the officers if you have any questions about the application or officer interns in general

Monday, November 2, 2020

We hope you all had a fantastic Halloween (and remembered to reset your clocks for Daylight Savings if that applies to you)! But if you're craving more spooks, you're in luck because we'll be hearing from the creator of indie horror game "Nevermind"!

On Monday November 2nd at 5:30 pm MST (AZ time), we'll be doing a Q&A with game designer and founder of Flying Mollusk Studios
Erin Reynolds! She's happy to talk about biofeedback, serious game design, founding an indie studio, and anything else game-dev related you can think of, so be sure to bring your questions! If you can't make it, you're welcome to submit questions on our Discord server ahead of time, and the meeting will be saved on Twitch and available to view for at least another two weeks. 

Also, Officer Intern Applications are now open! We will be taking on around 1 - 3 interns (d
epending on the number of applicants) to join the officer team during the spring semester. Interns will join us for weekly officer meetings and help plan club meetings and events. If you're interested in becoming a club officer or just want to see what it's like, we encourage you to apply! 
Here is the Google form application. It will be open until November 19th, after which we will contact applicants to schedule virtual interviews.
Feel free to reach out to any of the officers if you have any questions about the application or officer interns in general

We will also be hosting a Twine Jam on 
Saturday November 14th from 10am-5pm MST (AZ time), with games showcased from 5pm - 6pm. This is a mini one-day jam for creating text-based adventure games in Twine, so mark your calendars!

Friday, October 9, 2020

Hello! We hope you've been enjoying hearing from so many guest speakers at our last few meetings. 
Next Monday, October 12, we'll be returning to something more familiar. Our very own Leo Ratner will be giving a talk on his work as Art Director on Project Borealis, a fan-made continuation of the Half-Life games. If you've been around our club for a while, you may have seen some of his games and 3D models. Leo has done some really amazing work on the project and we're extremely excited to hear from him! 

We will be returning to streaming the meeting on Twitch. (Do give us a follow - you'll be notified when we go live!) 

We're also excited to officially announce the details of our game jam! 


Our next meeting (October 19th) will be Game Jam Survival, where you can bring any questions about how the jam will work, and veteran jammers can also offer advice and stories for how to get through a game jam happy and healthy. (Doing so will definitely be much easier this year, since we no longer have to tell you how cold it is in Gould-Simpson.)

Don't hesitate to reach out to us on our Discord or at with any additional questions!

Friday, September 25, 2020

Our Core Jam is this weekend - Saturday, September 26 at 10am MST (Arizona time)! Sign up at the page here. Since it's a virtual jam, work on it as much as you want over the weekend, but be sure to submit it by 6PM MST (Arizona time) on Sunday. We'll be doing a games showcase at 7PM (one hour later) and vote on favorites. The winners will get Amazon gift cards provided by Manticore Games!*

Monday's meeting (9/28) will feature another guest speaker and UA alumni, Cynthia Shlezar! Cynthia graduated from the computer science program at UA in 2018 and has worked as a software engineer on the Xbox team at Microsoft for the last few years. This is a great opportunity to hear from someone in the industry who started where we are, so definitely come with questions if you have any! We are back to streaming meetings on Twitch

And just as another reminder, our next monthly game night will be next Friday, October 2nd from 6pm - 10pm MST (Arizona time). Hop into our Discord server to join us for fun party games like Among Us, Fall Guys, Jackbox, and more!

*Manticore Games is a prize provider, but not the sponsor or administrator of this UA GameDev Core Jam.

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Core Demo 9/21 + Game Jam and more!

Next Monday's meeting (9/21 at 5:30 pm) will feature Manticore Games giving a talk about their Core platform! It's similar to Roblox and Dreams in that it's a platform for making and playing games that provides a lot of built-in assets, and it's great for beginners. 

PLEASE NOTE: This meeting will most likely NOT be streamed on Twitch due to Manticore Games' preferences; please join us at this Google Meet link at the start of the meeting.

We will also be hosting a Core Jam that weekend to tie in with this talk! It will take place on Saturday, September 26 from 10am to 6pm MST (Arizona time). The signup link will be sent out in a few days. In the meantime, Core is also hosting a jam with Global Game Jam, so you're welcome to submit your games to that as well. 

Also, a reminder to sign up on RippleMatch if you haven't already - it's a job platform that matches students with jobs and internships they're qualified for, and a club partnership comes with added benefits like more matches, increased visibility to recruiters, and exclusive virtual events. We might even get some funding out of it :)

Finally, our next monthly game night will be on Friday, October 2nd from 6pm - 10pm MST (Arizona time). Hop into our Discord server to join us for fun party games like Among Us, Fall Guys, Jackbox, and more!

Saturday, September 12, 2020

 Welcome back to the fall 2020 semester!

We hope you had a good socially distanced summer :) All our club meetings and events will be fully virtual this semester - our first meeting is next Monday, September 14 at 5:30 PM MST (Arizona time).

Due to the online nature of our meetings, all talks will be livestreamed on Twitch at:

We have quite a few new and returning guest speakers lined up, but if you are interested in giving any sort of game development related talk, please don't hesitate to sign up at the Google form below.

If you have any questions regarding club activities or meeting/talk format, please contact us on the UA Game Dev Discord or at

We hope to see you on Monday!

Saturday, April 25, 2020

And that's a wrap!

Thanks to everyone who participated in our spring semester game jam this year. We hope everyone had fun and learned something new about game development. Seeing as this was our first time doing a fully online game jam, we understandably had some technical difficulties, but overall, it went pretty well!

Some quick stats! This was our biggest game jam so far, with 64 participants and 18 games submitted in total on For the voting - we received 361 ratings for the games, with an average of 20.1 ratings per game, and a median of 21 ratings per game, so a pretty even distribution.

If you'd like to check out the games that were submitted and their ratings yourself, check out the page for the game here:

The theme for the game jam was "You Are the Bad Guy", and we had some pretty great submissions based around that theme. Check 'em out! We've provided a summary of all the submissions below.

Rats and Goats

A tricky puzzle game where you have to use logic to deduce which characters to eliminate. Like many game jam games, this one is short but sweet, though it's a very finely crafted and tight puzzle game at that.


Text-based adventure inspired by the classic dungeon crawler and RPG games of old. This game was written in Python, so it requires the user has that installed. The writing on this game is a very high point - it won 2nd place overall in the Best Writing category!

Worst Space Guy

A shoot-em-up/bullet hell game in which you must destroy planets while dodging bullets in your space ship. This is a pretty fully-featured game for a game jam, with 2 different modes for gameplay and multiple levels to play through.

Germ Adventure

A simple 3D adventure. You play as a germ which must avoid the lysol sprays and collect fruit around the level to spread the germ. A very fitting theme for the game given the current state of the world!

The Mighty Tree Bear

Top-down adventure game with great writing and a charming yet lo-fi visual style. This game was made with the beginner-friendly Bitsy engine, which just goes to show how easy it is to make an interesting game even with minimal programming experience! It also won 4th place for Best Writing.

Creatures of the Night: The Game

A visual novel in which you play as a vampire who hunts other creatures. The game features two contracts in which you can fight the targets alone or with your chupacabra and jiangshi teammates. The game's visuals are incomplete, but it does showcase some of the cool things that are possible within the Ren'Py engine.


A prototype for what is likely to be a 2.5D puzzle platformer. This game is currently incomplete, but features some great 3D background visuals and an interesting control scheme that puts you in control of two characters with two different ways of moving. A very ambitious project in my opinion!

Bunny Stealer Pro

This game was a crowd favorite. In it, your sole purpose is to steal bunnies from around the map and sell them for upgrades. You can purchase upgrades to more effectively sneak around and neutralize the guard dogs. I thought that this game was hilarious in its premise despite not really having any writing. This game won 2nd place in the Overall vote, 5th place for Best Audio, and 5th place for Most Ambitious.

The Master of Puzzles

Masters of game dev Joseph and Chris return yet again to create a thoughtful and visually impressive puzzle game experience! This is a classic escape room style game where you have to search every corner of the rooms and solve tricky puzzles in order to escape. This game won 1st place in the Overall vote, as well as 2nd place for Best Visuals, 3rd place for Best Writing, and 4th place for Most Ambitious. Well done!

Player Too

A first-person shooter with full AI for your allies and enemies, and the ability to swap between your allies. The game features multiple different weapons, a number of buildings to climb up, and the challenging goal to defeat all of the enemies in the level. I though that this game was rather ambitious as well!

Murder Little People

A simplified god game with a playground of tools and stick figure people to mess around with. Made by a complete newcomer to game development, this game was a pleasant (and perhaps horrifying) surprise! The audience was impressed with the hilarious audio of this game, and voted it to 1st place in Best Audio.

Scaling Out

Part top-down stealth game, part anti tower defense game, this game was quite ambitious in its two diverse modes of gameplay. In fact, this game won 1st place in the Most Ambitious category! It also took 2nd place for Best Audio, and 4th place in the Overall voting category and the vote for Best Visuals.


A sidescrolling 2D adventure platforming game! Though these games are common to see in game jams, I was impressed by the spritework and background art, and the simple but effective checkpoint system. This game won 3rd place for Best Audio, and 5th place for Best Visuals. Great job!

Prisoner #3774

This game was my personal favorite. Featuring a distinctive PS1-era art style, a vast level in size, and fun stealth gameplay, this game was a highlight for our spring game jam. Prisoner #3774 won 3rd place in 3 categories: Overall vote, Best Visuals, and Most Ambitious.

Doctor Faye Tality's Wonderhouse of Great Traps and Also Murder

A mouthful of a title, an eyeful of gorgeous character art, and an earful of hilarious writing! This short visual novel features a number of unique endings and was another one of my favorite games at this jam. Doctor Faye Tality's Wonderhouse of Great Traps and Also Murder won 1st place for Best Writing, and also 1st place for Best Visuals.

The Lonely Iceburg

Don't let the desolate title screen and serene piano music fool you. Made by former club members, this game was an unexpected and funny subversion of our expectations. Also won 4th place for Best Audio!

Jerk Trial

Another game by a former club member, this online multiplayer game puts its player in charge of defending and prosecuting a player who has been accused of something horrible. Similar to deduction games like mafia or Town of Salem, this game was another pleasant surprise, and won 2nd place for Most Ambitious.

Kunst Und Liebe

A cute dating sim that puts you in the shoes of a brand new art student in Germany, 1907. You might see where this is going. Though it lacks character art and most of the story paths are incomplete, the writing of this game was a definite highlight - it won 5th place for Best Writing.

And that's all the games! Thanks to everyone who participated in the game jam and voted on the games. I had a great time hosting it, and I hope everyone had fun making and playing games. Have a great rest of your semester!

Friday, April 10, 2020

Hey everyone!

Tired of sitting around at home all day due to the COVID-19 pandemic? Well, since we're all cooped up inside for the time being, we're excited to announce that our our Spring 2020 game jam is still happening! Now as a fully online event, the jam will be hosted via, and it starts in just a week from now! We also have some very exciting news for this jam - this time, we're going to have prizes. All experience levels are welcome, and we will host team building on our Discord server so you don't have to develop a game all by yourself. If that sounds interesting to you, scroll down for more details!

Game Jam?

That's right! We're once again hosting our usual Spring semester game jam, this time as a fully online event. In case you didn't know, UA Game Dev Club's game jams are weekend-long events, where participants are given a theme, and have to develop a video game from scratch based around that theme. Game jams are a great opportunity to learn about game development and all the skills relating to it, and there's a good chance you'll have some fun doing so along the way!


Seeing as this jam is online this time around, the logistics might be a little confusing. Hopefully we can clear some things up for you here!

The jam will run from 5:30 PM on April 17th to 3:00 PM on April 19th. The opening ceremony will be hosted on our Discord server at the starting time of 5:30 PM, where we will announce the theme for the game jam. We will also host team building on our Discord so you don't have to work alone.

Submissions will be made on the jam page: Submissions will be due at 3:00 PM on April 19th. If you have any trouble submitting your game or setting up your page, make sure to contact any of the Game Dev Club officers on our Discord server and we'll help you out.

After the games have been submitted at 3:00 PM on April 19th, we'll be hosting the closing ceremony (also via Discord) where we will show off the games that were made and open up voting. Voting will be done on - you can visit each game's page and vote on it based on several criteria. After results are in, we will go over the winners for each category and their prizes!

To summarize:
April 17th - 5:30 PM: Opening ceremony and theme announcement
April 19th - 3:00 PM: Submissions are due; closing ceremony and voting


We've partnered with GDG Tucson for this game jam, and that means we have over $1200 in prizes to give out to the teams who make the best games! The categories and prizes are detailed below, we have some good ones!

Overall Vote
First Place:
4 x Google Stadia Premiere Edition
4 x $50 Steam Gift Card

Second Place:
4 x $50 Steam Gift Card

Third Place:
4 x Google Home Mini

By Criteria
Best Visuals:
4 x $10 Steam Gift Card

Best Writing:
4 x $10 Steam Gift Card

Best Audio:
4 x $10 Steam Gift Card

Most Ambitious:
4 x $10 Steam Gift Card

Each of these prize categories will be voted on through, so be sure to vote during the closing ceremony!

Contact Us

Wow, that was a lot! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via, or as always, join our Discord server for the latest information.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Hello everyone,

In light of the recent measures the University is taking to prevent spread of the COVID-19 virus, the Computer Science department has cancelled all in-person club meetings and events and will not be making room space available until further notice.

So to adapt to this, here is what is going to happen with the club:

Our meeting this Monday, March 16th is cancelled due to the extended spring break. Our next meeting will be the following Monday, March 23rd and club officer Jordan will be giving a talk on player customization in games. We are going to try something different with this meeting and use Discord's Go Live screen-sharing feature to stream the talk remotely rather than having an in-person meeting. It will be at our normal time, 5:30 pm. This does require you to join our discord server if you haven't already, which you can join via this link. More details to come on how to join the meeting remotely. If all goes well, then our meetings will continue remotely in this fashion until further notice from the university and the CS Department.

Game Jam:
Our spring game jam will still be happening on the weekend of April 17th - 19th, so put it in your calendars if you haven't done so already! Unless the university determines after reassessing the situation on April 6th that it will be okay to have in-person events again, we will be hosting this jam fully online. All jam participants will participate remotely through We will send out an update if the situation changes. If you plan to participate in the jam, please sign up on the page! More details to come as we get closer to the event.

All other auxiliary events (such as game nights and workshops) are cancelled for the time being.

Thank you everybody for your patience and support as we adapt to these unprecedented circumstances. Stay safe and healthy, and enjoy the rest of your extended spring break :)

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Hey everyone! In keeping with our (mostly) yearly tradition, we will once again be hosting our Valentine's visual novel Mini-Jam this weekend.

Running from 10 AM to 4 PM this Saturday, February 15th (the day after Valentine's day), we are hosting a short, casual jam focused on creating visual novels and dating sims using the Ren'Py Visual Novel Engine. Of course there is no requirement to use Ren'Py for your gameor to even make a visual novel for that matter. But if any of this sounds interesting to you, feel free to show up any time this Saturday in Gould-Simpson Room 930! No sign up required! And in case you aren't able to make it in person, all submissions can be emailed to

If you have minimal programming experience, prefer the art and writing side of game development, or simply lack the hours in your schedule to dedicate to a full weekend-long game jam, the Valentine's Mini-Jam is the perfect time to knock out a fun narrative experience in just a few hours.

Jam attendees: In case the building is locked, make sure to join our Discord server and drop a message in the #help-im-locked-out channel.

What are visual novels?

Visual novels are interactive, narrative-focused games, typically illustrated with an Anime/Manga art style. There are lots of kinds of visual novels, though the most popular subgenres tend to be Role-Playing Games and Dating Sims. Some notable examples of visual novels include Doki Doki Literature Club, VA-11 HALL-AHatoful Boyfriend, the Ace Attorney series, and Monster Prom.

What's a Ren'Py???

Simply put, Ren'Py is a very easy to use game engine made for the express purpose of developing visual novels. It's based on the Python programming language, so it's very easy to pick up for programming newbies and veterans alike. Learn more about Ren'Py here:

If you missed Jade and Amanada's presentation on Monday regarding visual novels and the Ren'Py engine, you can view their slides here!

And if you have any questions about this game jam or other club activities, drop us a line at, or message us on our Discord.

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Welcome back to the Spring semester!

We hope you had a great winter break! Our meetings for the Spring semester resume tomorrow - Monday, January 27, at 5:30 PM at our usual meeting place, Gould-Simpson 856.

Our first meeting this semester will just be a casual welcome back, where members will have the opportunity to show off any projects they worked on over the winter break. We will also be discussing the upcoming Global Game Jam. Hope to see you there!

"What's that? Global Game Jam?"
That's right! Global Game Jam 2020 is upon us! Run in partnership with Tucson Game Developers, we will once again be hosting the Tucson location for Global Game Jam this coming weekend! The jam will run from approximately 5:00 pm on Friday, January 31st, to 4:30 pm on Sunday, February 2nd. An itinerary for the game jam is included below!

Global Game Jam is a great opportunity to warm up for the coming semester and to hone your game development skills. If you are interested in joining in on some game development fun, please sign up here:, and arrive before 6:00 pm this Friday on the 9th floor of Gould-Simpson.

We will also be hosting our own Spring game jam and other events later in the semester, more details on this and more to come!

If you have any questions regarding the jam or other club activities, please contact us on the UA Game Dev Discord server, or email us at

Global Game Jam 2020 Itinerary:

5:00 pm - Arrive early for team formation
6:00 pm - Opening ceremony and theme reveal
~ 6:30 pm - Dinner provided (pizza)

~ 8:00 am - Breakfast provided (muffins & fruit)
~ 12:00 pm - Lunch provided
7:00 pm - Jimmy John's + ice cream run

~ 8:00 am - Breakfast provided
2:00 pm - Deadline to submit games
~ 2:00 pm - Eegee's provided
3:00 pm - Game demos and closing ceremony, will last until approximately 4:30 pm.