Saturday, March 2, 2013

02/25/2013: Election Game 2013

1. Club Elections!

Elections are just around the corner during the meeting after Spring Break. If you would like to run for one of the offices then email Livio. The officers are still working out the logistics of the event, but be prepared to vote!

2. Game Jam Winner!

The Game Jam has come and gone. For it being the first one hosted by the club it was quite successful! At the meeting we decided on the winner of the jam. Congratulations to "Cntrl + F + U" and their DNA defense themed space invader [ish] game. Unfortunately they didn't receive a prize, but hopefully next time that will be possible.

3. Game Server

As some people might know, the game server has been "dead" for quite a while now. We've gotten some requests to put up a server with half-life source/Gary's Mod, so that is now on the way!

4. "Juciness" in Games

We were shown a video showing the wide array of positive effects that "juciness" can bring to a video game. It really does up even the simplest of games to the next level.