Friday, August 30, 2013

First Weekly Meeting on Monday, Sept. 9th

Our first meeting will be on the Monday after Labor Day:
  • When: Monday, September 9th, at 5:00pm.
  • Where: Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) building, room 105 (map below)
We'll meet every week at the same time and place, but if you can't make it to the meetings, we will post video recordings on the club website. You can also stay involved with the club by joining our mailing list and Facebook group, and by attending some of our many events, such as:

Game Night on Friday, Sept. 13th

Our first game night will be on the Friday after our first meeting:
  • When: Friday, April 13th, starting at 5:30pm until midnight.
  • Where: Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) building, room 105 (map below)
We always hold our game nights in conjunction with the IEEE club. There will be free food, but we also collect donations for our food fund. Also, everyone is encouraged to bring food, games, controllers, consoles, TV's, etc. in order to help contribute to the event.

Important Info for the Game Night

  1. Please RSVP using this form:
  2. You can park for free in the parking lot by the ECE building (lot #3039) after 5:00pm on Fridays
  3. The doors for the building, as well as the elevator, close at around 6pm, so call the IEEE room at 520-626-7324 if you're locked out. It's best to add that number to your contacts, just in case.
  4. In order to get to the bottom floor of the ECE building, please only use the South stairwell door, which will be left open.
  5. While we've never had any incidents before, the clubs are not responsible for damaged, lost, or stolen valuables. It's generally good practice to label your things to make sure they don't get mixed up.
  6. In accordance to university policy, no alcohol, firearms, or weapons will be allowed.

Where is the ECE building?

Below is a map of where the Electrical and Computer Engineering building is. To view the map in another window, click here.

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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

On Tuesday, we shared a table with the IEEE club at the Fall Club Fair. This time, we had a new tent, which was paid for by Livio and Jonathan. As usual, we played video game music, collected emails for our mailing list, and informed people about the club. Most of the pictures that we took were taken at one time of the day, but we had several members show up throughout the day to help man our booth.