Saturday, October 12, 2013

9/30/2013 - Giving Feedback, and Experience-Driven Design

Our video for this meeting was uploaded a little late because Patrick got sick and wasn't able to finish editing it in time.

Jordan started the meeting by talking about a Skyrim mod that he's been working on. Specifically he was asking for playtesters so that he could get a better idea for whether or not his mod is improving the leveling system in the way that he hopes it is.

Then, starting at around 5:02 in the recording, Cindy gave a talk about giving good constructive criticism. It was a very interactive talk with lots of fun examples, and you can see that the group was in fact getting better at giving useful feedback.

Finally, starting at 39:30, Patrick gave a talk about how centering your game design around a specific kind of experience can lead to really great games. He used Mark of the Ninja as an example of a game that does this exceptionally well, and we also talked a bit about stealth game design in general.