Tuesday, October 1, 2013

09/23/2013: Career Advice Talk

The video for last week's meeting is finally up! Below is a summary of everything we did at the meeting:

1) OUYA Announcement

We started the meeting with an announcement about the club's newly purchased OUYA console. It was paid for by the computer science department, and it's a pretty awesome fit for club considering that it's so easy to develop for and considering that most members know Java.

2) Game Projects Updates

Next, starting at around 4:00 in the recording, we went around the room and talked about all of the game projects that are currently going on. We had around eight different projects that we went through.

3) Discussion about Storytelling in Games

At around 14:25, we kinda went on a really interesting tangent about the challenges of storytelling in games. We later continued the discussion on our Facebook group, where we basically just shared some awesome talks by Rhianna Pratchett, as well as Extra Credit's episode on how to construct a game narrative.

4) Career Advice Talk

And finally, starting at 21:20 in the recording, Livio gave a Career Advice Talk, which focused on helping people get jobs in the games industry. There was a lot of content covered in this talk, since it included both general and industry-specific advice.