Sunday, October 13, 2013

10/7/2013 - Club Trip to the Game Developers Conference!

At last week's meeting, we spent most of the time talking about our past trips to the Game Developers Conference and why you should come with us to this year's GDC!

Tyler has been to GDC twice as a conference associate (CA), which allows people to volunteer their time to help run the conference and they get a a free trip to GDC in return. We encourage all of our members to apply to the CA program, because it's a pretty awesome program.

Then, starting at around 30:10 in the recording, Livio started a mini-talk about his trip to GDC two years ago, in which he learned that the Expo Pass probably isn't enough, which is why he's been saving his money up for a more expensive pass for this year.

And finally, starting at around 43:05, Greyson demoed his latest game. It's called "Laserbike Racing," and it's basically a recreation of Tron inside of the game Roblox.