Saturday, February 10, 2018

Start of the Spring Semester - Basic Game Programming and More!

Welcome back to another semester of Game Dev Club! I hope you all had a great winter break.

It's been a while since a real website post has come up, and for that, I do apologize. Here's what you might have missed at our meetings!

Basic game programming in Love2D - During this meeting, Chris Klimowski and I programmed a simple galaga-style game in the game engine Love2D. Love2D is a simple, flexible, and free engine written in lua! Still curious about this powerful little engine? Check out it's website!

Love2D Download page

The Love2D wiki has really great documentation, so if you have any trouble with lua syntax, it's a great place to check first

Love2D Wiki

Implementing Co-op in single player games / Successful horror elements - This two-part meeting was put on by our wonderful interns, Emily and Stephanie! These talks went over some of the pitfalls involved in tacking on Co-op elements, as well as what makes horror games so, so terrifying. To cap it all off, we combined what we learned to brainstorm frightening co-op horror experiences.

You can find a link to the slides here:

Implementing Co-Op into Originally Singleplayer Games

Horror Elements


The Valentine's Day Jam will be held February 17th in ECE 104 - Make dating simulators and other fun Valentine's Day-themed games!

The Spring Game Jam will be held April 6th!