Thursday, February 22, 2018

Programming in JavaScript + Valentine's Day Jam Showcase!

This week, our glorious leader Chris Klimowski showed us how he keeps his sanity while programming games in JavaScript. How does he do it? Well, it's mostly a combination of hard work, determination, and Phaser! Phaser is a lightweight, easy to use, and powerful game engine for producing your own browser games! Chris is a big fan of Phaser, and has used it to make multiple games, including Blast Down

If you're looking for a place to start, Chris has generously shared with us his starter project skeleton. Feel free to use it in all of your future Phaser endeavors.

But that's not all that went on at the meeting, we also got to show off the visual novels we made last during last weekend's Valentine's Jam! Check them out here

Special thanks again to everyone who participated! The winner (by popular vote) was the Skyrim dating simulator, by our man Riley Driscoll!

Here's a gallery of some highlights

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