Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Officer Election Results!

This week, we had our annual officer elections to decide who should run the club next year!  The results will SHOCK you if you've never attended a meeting before.

Here are next year's officers!

President: Chris Klimowski
Vice President: Riley Driscoll
Treasurer: Dani Jaramillo
Outreach Officer: Vincente Figueroa
Secretary: Joseph Scheidemandel
GDC Planner: Joseph Corona

Look at this team, we're gonna do great!

Weekly Announcements

  • This Saturday at 2PM we're holding our semi-annual Twine Jam!  We looked briefly at Twine again this meeting, and played an extra-spoopy skeleton-themed game I made at last semester's event.  Join us this weekend to make a bizarre text adventure of our very own, no experience required!
  • Next Friday, the 21st, is our next (and final) game night of the semester!  We may or may not have a bit of a budget surplus, so we're planning on making this one extra special.  I don't want to get your hopes up too much, though.  We still didn't have that much money to begin with.