Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Game Mechanic Micro-Talks

At this week's meeting, instead of just having one talk, we went all-out with a veritable barrage of three talks about some of our favorite game mechanics!

First, Jeremy talked about Hearthstone again.  He's talked about Hearthstone before, right?  Yeah, I think we remember that one time.  But this time, it was specifically about how, being a digital card game instead of a physical one, the game is designed with its UI in mind, and I think that you'll find that what he opined should be underlined in any aspiring digital tabletop game designer's notebook.

Next, Miranda talked about Fire Emblem... again?  Well, no, it was actually Dani who talked about it last time.  And Miranda's talk was specifically about how the games handle permadeath, the closest that video games can come to physically taking your loved ones away from you.  What does permadeath add to a strategy game?  How does it change its dynamics?  Who is that one anime sword guy from Smash?  Fire Emblem answers all of these questions, and more.

Finally, I gave a talk about Invisible, Inc, a game that I haven't been able to shut up about in any "what have you been playing recently?" discussions since last summer.  I specifically talked about how the game lets players choose their own goals for each level, balancing the risk of failure with the potential reward of precious loot, and along the way got a bit distracted by the absurd floor plans of fictional dystopian corporations.

All of the slides can be found here!  We hope these details in games were as interesting to you as they are to us!

Weekly Announcements

  • We're holding officer elections for next year in one week!  If you're at all interested in becoming an officer next year, click here!
  • Next Saturday, April 15th is our semi-annual Twine Jam!  It only lasts a few hours, and always ends in laughter.  No experience required!