Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Lessons in Designing Live-Action Games

This week, Freddy Pang gave a talk about Live-Action Games: Playing them, designing them, and running them!

First, a quick primer: A Live-Action Game is a game played not with code on computers or cards on a table, but with people in real locations!  The most popular LAG (an ironic acronym since, contrary to popular belief, real life does not have any network latency) is Humans vs Zombies, a game which pits a team of well-equipped, intelligent humans against a larger team of more primitive, but no less intelligent zombies.

Freddy's talk was framed around the design process of a HvZ-style LAG.  Thanks, Freddy!  If you want to know more, the slides are here!

This week's important announcements:

  • If you're planning on going to GDC this year, we need your travel deposits!  Deliver $100 to Joseph Corona to make sure you can come.
  • We're now accepting applications for an officer intern!  Want to get more involved with the club, learn how it's run, and possibly move into an officer position next year?  Apply now!
  • Our next game night is next Friday, November 18th!  Come to the usual room starting at 6pm for board games, video games, or whatever other games you can think of!
See you next week!