Thursday, October 13, 2016

GDC, Blender, and Game Jam Survival Tips

Buckle up, because this week's meeting was jam-packed with not one, not two, not four, but three talks about GDC, Blender, and this weekend's Game Jam!  That's a veritable gauntlet of talks.  In fact, it might just be enough to justify a adding series of headers to break up this blog post.

Talk #1: GDC Trip Information

Thinking about going on the club's annual GDC trip?  Talk to Joseph Corona!  He's responsible for planning the trip this year, and this week he gave a talk about all about the conference, the trip, and the secret machinations he's been working on all semester.

For the full information, the slides are here.  For now, there are two important thing you need to know: 
  1. An initial $100 payment for all attendees will be required next month.  No pressure, but you should really be sure if you want to go by then.
  2. Applications for GDC Conference Associates are open!  This is the most affordable way to attend, so be sure to apply if you can!

Talk #2: Blender for Beginners

Another Joseph, Joseph Scheidemandel, gave a talk/demo for Blender, the world's most popular and most intimidating open-source 3D modeling program!  He demonstrated how to create a simple 3D model and import it into your Unity project in what felt like seconds, to the slack-jawed awe of his fellow members.  Seriously, watching him work was a sight to behold.  Thanks, Joseph!

He also recommended these Blender learning resources:

Talk #3: Surviving Your First Game Jam

Finally, Cynthia and I shared some tips for the upcoming Game Jam, our semi-annual event where you can purchase our world-famous video-game-inspired jams and jellies  make a game in a single weekend!  Oh, that's this weekend, by the way.  If you didn't know that, then either I haven't been doing my job, or you really haven't been paying attention.  Hope to see you all there!  You can find our slides here.

A few more important announcements:
  • Next Friday, October 21st will be a game night!  Bring games!  And friends!  Bring game friends!
  • The following Saturday, October 22nd will be a Sandbox!  Bring sand!  And boxes!  Actually, no, don't do that.
See you next week!