Monday, March 31, 2014

Buy a GameDev Club T-Shirt for $20

For the first time ever, the GameDev Club is selling club t-shirts! You can now proudly show your support for the coolest club on campus by having the our new logo printed on your chest. See the above image for the design of the shirt.

How to Buy a Club Shirt

  1. Contact Zuoming (
  2. Tell him what shirt size you want (small, medium, large, etc.)
  3. Give him $20 for the shirt.
Please pay for your shirt by Monday, April 7th. We intend to make the order for shirts sometime after the GameDev Club meeting for that day, so please try to pay for your shirt before then.

How to Pay for your Shirt

We only accept cash, but you have three possible ways to give us money:
  1. Come to Game Jam this weekend,
  2. Come to the club meeting on Monday, April 7th at 5:00pm at the ECE building, room 105,
  3. Or organize a meetup with Zuoming (