Wednesday, March 5, 2014

3/3/2014 - Officer Elections!

It's that time again...

On Monday we held club officer elections. The only position that had more than one person running for it was the presidency, unless you count Rory who ran for every single position on the campaign of "don't vote for me." Below are the results of the officer election:

President (Final Boss):
Cindy Trieu

Vice President (Old Man in Cave) (Miniboss):
Zuoming Shi

Outreach Officer (Bard):
Jordan Hunt

Treasurer (Rogue):
Josh Djakaria

Secretary (Save Point):
Jonathan Wright

Cinematographer (Shy Guy) (Lakitu):
Patrick Wilkening

The vote for presidency was super close. Cindy beat Patrick by only one vote, while Rory actually managed to score a vote from one indecisive member.

After the election, we voted on club shirt designs:

And we ended up choosing the design below: