Saturday, December 14, 2013

Unnatural Selection - Team Asiana's Game Jam Entry

This game came out of our recent 48-hour game jam. It was made by Team Asiana, which included Youhao Wei, Zuoming Shi, Duy Huynh, and Ky Tran. They made the game using GameMaker, and it was interesting that they decided to figure out how to give the game an isometric perspective.

The premise of this game is to control an army of artificially created monsters. The game allows you to select from several different monster parts, and putting them together gives you units with different stats. It's mostly functional aside from the fact that you don't have any enemies to attack (they were removed during the last few minutes before the deadline due to some glitches that couldn't be solved). Despite those problems, this game was perhaps the most well presented, since it featured a menu screen, music, and lots of great artwork.

Click here to play the game.
Click here to download the source files.