Friday, December 13, 2013

Humans Attack - Team Awesome's Game Jam Entry

This game was made during our recent 48-hour game jam by Team Awesome, which was composed of Hunter Haynes, Rachel Brindle, and Sean Stephens. They started out with a very ambitious game idea: they wanted to make some kind of real-time strategy game with online multiplayer, and the central mechanic was built around allowing players to hack into parts of the game. It was about halfway through the weekend, they realized that their idea was impossible.

When Team Awesome decided to abandon their original game idea, they took an old particle-based system that Sean had worked on sometime ago and turned it into a game about zombies. The premise is that the player controls the waves of zombies (in green) and tries to use them to kill the humans (in blue). They loosely tied it to the game jam's theme ("Artificial") under the idea that zombies are artificial life.

People seemed to generally really like this game, and it was voted second place out of all of the games from the event.

Click here to play the game.
Click here to download the source code.