Monday, February 4, 2013

02/04/2013: Memory Island

Today was the second meeting of the Spring 2013 semester. We were visited by Alex Brown, an employee of the Speech/Language and Hearing department advertising a job opportunity. In addition there are some other announcements focusing specifically on the Game Jam. And we still need a camera man as well!

1. Programming Opportunity for Independent Study, Internship, or $$$

Alex Brown stopped by and allowed us to play a flash game he has been working on for the Speech/Language and Hearing department to survey the memory abilities of 2nd graders using a touch interface. The game itself had a troubled beginning, but as of now is operational. Regardless, Alex would like to recruit one to two more people to assist him in polishing it up. He's willing to teach you, and if you commit there will be opportunities to get paid, independent study credits, or perhaps credit for an internship. And if you stick around there's a good chance you can start on whatever project they start next. To get involved you can contact Mary Alt, the leader of the project. Details below.

Mary Alt // 520-626-6180
Speech/Language and Hearing
Associate Professor, Speech/Language and Hearing

 Speech And Hearing Sciences (#71)

Alex Brown

2. The Club Game Jam will be on February 22nd

Progress on the Game Jam is still in motion. Start brainstorming ideas for a game, but keep an open mind because there will be an over-arching theme we want your game to incorporate. The theme will be decided in secrecy, but we would like for everyone to contribute theme ideas. It'll be exciting to see the extra twist this theme adds to the event! Please RSVP here  as soon as possible so we can get an idea of how much food to supply, and all the logistical stuff that we don't want you guys to worry about. Also, let us know what kind of food options you want  for the event. More info here.

Prior to the Game Jam there will be a workshop for anyone interested on getting a crash course in Stencyl or GameMaker, so that everyone is better prepared to make some fantastic games during the vent. Details of when and where are still being hashed out. 

3. Spring Club Fair (Feb. 6) 10am to 2pm

We will have a table at the Spring Club Fair this Wednesday. If you have any free time between classes  stop by, hang out and have some fun. Lets try to recruit some new members!

4. Camera Guy

There is an officer position available to those who would like to film our club meetings. Our camera guy used to film and edit, but it has been decided to split up the roles to make life easier for both.