Monday, November 26, 2012

11/26/2012: Magnet Ball Postmortem Talk

This week, Livio and Zuoming gave a postmortem-style talk about Magnet Ball, the two player game that they've been working on this semester.

Some of the things that went right for the project include: a successful rapid prototyping phase early in the semester, a consistent reliance on playtesting to assess design decisions, and a very resilient and dedicated team that was able to keep working on this side project through all of the roadblocks they faced.

Some of the major challenges they faced included: managing a team that was too large for the project, the fact that the project was restarted about two-thirds of the way through, and difficulties with establishing a good preproduction phase.

Magnet Ball is a two player game, where each player uses their attraction/repulsion powers to redirect blocks into goals in order to score points. Click here to play Magnet Ball.

Game Credits:

Tyler May - Producer
Livio De La Cruz - Game Design, Programming
Zuoming Shi - Game Design, Programming
Ami Pribadi - Art, Animations
Pooria Rashidi - Stadium Art
Scott McGowan - Music, Sound Effects
Logan Barnes - Music, Sound Effects
Teresa Frazier - Programming, Java Prototyping