Saturday, November 3, 2018

2018 Fall Game Jam Wrap Up!

The Fall 2018 Game Jam has come to a close, and it's time to see what you've created. This semester's games were incredible! We had such a great variety of games, all of great quality. Everyone who participated should be proud!

Here are your winners :

1st place: Unsatisfying

2nd place: Hail Satan

3rd place: Sidearm

Best art: Hail Satan

Best Writing: Hail Satan

Best Music: Cubie and the Recorder

Most Ambitious: Convexum

Get to the Lab! -  An inventive platformer that challenges players with different control schemes (good luck on the last level, a great reward awaits!)

Convexum - Most Ambitious - Over the shoulder 3rd person shooter with jetpacks! This game was created by a team of one!

Scatter Sketch - This 3-player drawing game is hilarious! play with a group of friends.

Sidearm - #3 Popular Vote - This inventive fps game requires the player to ascend a tower by slamming their sword into tables. I recommend you play this one!

Hail Satan - #2 popular Vote Winner - Best Art - Best Writing - This atmospheric game is truly a work of art. Explore the dark woods and uncover the secret of the shrine.

Unsatisfying - #1 popular Vote Winner - This infuriating game takes you on a tour of humanities greatest annoyances.

If your game is not listed here, please contact us on our discord Here

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