Sunday, September 3, 2017

Welcome to another year of Game Dev Club!

Break time's over.

It's time to get back into the full swing of things with another exciting semester of Game Dev club! If you're a new member, welcome! If you're a returning member, welcome back! We hope to make this year of Game Dev Club the best it's ever been, with new talks, workshops, and personal project showcases!

At our first meeting last Monday, we showcased some of our club member's personal summer projects! We showed off some amazing games, animations, and text-adventures this week including...

Joseph Scheidemandel's Twilight Prophecy:
Hey, that's me! This 3D animation project took up most of my summer, totally around 2 months of solid work! I made it entirely from scratch in Blender, a free 3D modeling and animation program! Featuring an amazing musical score by Enrique Ponce, this Fantasia-style music video follows a robot on his quest for an ancient weapon.

Check it out! -

Chris Klimoski's Blast Down:
Who knew our club president was such a talented game developer?? This innovative combo/dexterity game made in Phaser challenges the player to take control of an upside down rocket pack in order to trampoline there way through waves of killer robots.

Chris Klimoski's Blast Down

Play it now! -

Previous semester's Game Jam games:

In addition to showing off our summer projects, we also looked back on previous games developed during our bi-yearly Game Jams. These include....

Gravidude - A gravity manipulation puzzle-platformer that's never gonna give you up.

On Death and Dying - A stylish 2D platformer with a dark and oppressive atmosphere.

B.R.E.A.D. - A cute and polished 2D platformer that challenges you to collect bread-based-baddies and use them as flaming toast ammunition!

More Coffee Mr. President? - Can you stay awake long enough to fulfill your presidential duties? This hilarious Wario-Ware style game might just be the key to understanding the current administration...

And a whole bunch of other currently-in-development games and projects that I don't have the assets or permission to share! (But they all looked great!)

Here are this week's announcements:

The club fair is this Wednesday, September 6th, 9am - 2pm. Come check out our booth on the mall!

Our first game night will be next Friday, September 8th. This event is sponsored by American Express! There will be free food and games for everyone who shows up! Bring your friends! This event takes place in ECE 102, 104, and 105 from 6pm ~ 12am!

Join in the game development discussion on our discord! We discuss upcoming events, give each other advice, share resources, and show off our projects!

I hope you all have a great semester!