Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Game Jams

Our flagship events are Game Jams - weekend-long marathons where teams build games completely from scratch. There's no experience necessary, and you don't even have to be a club regular to participate! Members of Game Dev Club will gladly team up with anyone who doesn't come with a group. We also provide food for the entire length of the Game Jam, and take breaks where participants get ice cream, socialize, and talk to each other about their game projects. Game Jams tend to be pretty laid-back, and are great opportunities for students to gain real game development experience in a low-pressure environment.

Our first Game Jam of the 2018 spring semester is happening Friday, April 6, 2018! It starts at 6 PM that day, but we recommend that participants show up at 5:30 PM to form teams and socialize.

Some past Game Jam games can be found here:

More Coffee, Mr. President? (Windows only) The president needs coffee... but he also needs to run the country! Control the left side with WASD, and use the mouse to drink the coffee.

"Toast" and "Cookie Ninja" (Windows only)
These games won the last two Game Jams!
In "Toast: the Game," catch bread in your toaster slots and turn it into flaming toast (a weapon and a treat)! Use the arrow keys to move, Z to jump, Down to ground-pound (in the air), and X to shoot out your flaming toast.
In "Cookie Heist," clear the fields out of their cookies without being caught by the cookie farmers! The game explains the controls, but just to recap: arrow keys to move, and Z, Shift, and X to use power-ups.