Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Photos from the Spring 2014 Game Jam

This semester's game jam was so awesome that this post probably won't be able to do it justice. The theme for this game jam was flowers, and so everyone had to make a game that tied to the theme in some way within 42 hours. There were around 16 participants and about four non-participants. Fortunately, there was a healthy number of both frequent participants and newcomers, and they divided themselves into five teams.

The Spinning Ducks Team is setting up:

Have you seen Jonathan's keyboard? It's crazy!

The Angry Bearded Q Team as they start working:

The Paranoid Posies brainstorm in the room next door:

Team GINGERooT brainstorm in the room across the hall:

The Flowers of Venus Team went to the fancy 2nd floor lobby to brainstorm, but we don't have any pictures of them there. So we took pictures of them eating bananas instead:

Even the officers on duty were working on their own games, though not for the game jam:

Here's a picture of me working on my game (I'm the invisible man sitting in that chair).

Even Haily was there, although he was doing networking homework instead of working on games.

Of course, there was also a lot of good, free food during the event!

Even though people usually go home to sleep, we probably had more people staying overnight than any past game jam.

Proof that programming is art:

Proof that people practice good hygiene, by at least changing their shirts:

The heaviest part of Rory's setup was the four stacks of printer paper that he uses to raise his monitors.

Jonathan's glasses made him look like an old guy, and the fact that he was wearing the same club shirt as Dylan and Jorge started the infamous running joke about how Jonathan was really their long-lost dad who abandoned them years ago.

"Dad never let's me win!"

For some reason, at around 3am during the second night, we started thinking that the Oh Man Oh God Guy was the funniest thing ever. We watched it over and over again. Jorge and I then wasted about an hour or two creating these two meme images:

During the final ten minutes of the game jam, we played the video on a constant loop while playing it loudly through some speakers. It was super fitting because at least two of the teams were frantically trying to fix some last minute problems that had appeared during that time. One of the teams had even managed to incorporate the video into the finally of their game.

Since the theme was "flowers," Cindy thought it would be fitting to make flower-shaped trophies for everyone:

The winning team was the Flowers of Venus, with their two games: Flowers of Venus (Text Version) and Flowers of Venus (Roblox Version).

The Paranoid Posies' game was one of the weirdest things we've seen.

The Spinning Ducks continue to spin:

The demo session took so long that Rory had to leave before the Angry Bearded Q's picture was taken:

The lone survivor of Team GINGERooT:

The next game jam should be sometime in the Fall 2014 semester. We hope to see you there!