Sunday, February 2, 2014

ARTIST WANTED for Puzzle-Based Platformer Game

Are you a talented artist who's interested in working on a real-world game project this semester? We're making a remake of an existing game, but rather than simply trying to mimic the original game's art style, we're hoping to find someone who is creative enough to help us find a unique art style our game, given the game's mechanics and the limits of their own abilities.

About the Game: Project Aeon

I've been running a web community called for the last seven years, and one of the most popular games on the site has been an obscure Shockwave game called Hannah and the Pirate Caves, which is a tile-based, puzzle-platformer with a level editor (screenshot below). A few years ago, the community started the Aeon project as an attempt to remake this game, but the project failed due to lack of skill and experience.

The game that we're trying to remake.

Now we are trying to restart this project from scratch, and our goal is to make a quality, professional product that will then be shipped to market by the end of the semester. We intend to publish our game not just on the Interguild but also on other online games sites, such as Kongregate and AddictingGames.

About the Art

We're looking for someone who's willing to do more than just make sprites for our game, because otherwise we'll end up with a game that feels more like an uninspired clone rather than a labor of love. We hope to find an artist who is interested in solving the problem of "what is the best art style for this game?" without being overly biased towards the original game's art style.

Finding the answer to this question will involve a lot of experimentation and playtesting, and it can often involve working with elements of the game that aren't necessarily part of the art. For instance, perhaps you decide that the size of the tiles should be changed, or maybe some of the game's mechanics need to be tweaked in order to better fit a certain art style idea. We hope that this project is an opportunity for you to push both your creative and artistic skills.

If we successfully ship this game, then you'll be able to point to a product in the market that you've made major contributions to. Even if the game doesn't succeed, the skills that you'll learn along the way will help distinguish you from other art students when applying for jobs.


Please contact me at if you're interested in joining our team, or if you simply have questions about the project.