Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Meeting #1 Summary: Intro to the Club

The first meeting went great! Unfortunately, we couldn't film it, because OSCR is making us go through some two-day process before we can rent one of their cameras again.

After introductions and general information about the club, we spent most of the meeting talking about the different game projects that we're working on right now, the mistakes and horror stories of some of our past projects, and general advice for those wishing to start a new project. It was a really great discussion.

There were about 15 people there, but I imagine we probably would've had more if ACM hadn't stolen some of our members, if we had decided on a room early enough to have advertise in some of the weekly emails, and if the club fair wasn't cancelled. And maybe if we had pizza.


We won't have a meeting next week because of Labor Day. But we will have a Game Night on the Friday after Labor Day. It's going to be in the same room as today's meeting, and we'll post more information about it as the date approaches.

We'll have our next regular meeting on Monday, September 10th, and I might give a talk about prototyping and the iterative development process. Dylan will also give a talk, but I'm not sure if he's decided on what exactly it'll be about yet.

Because today's meeting went so well, we decided to start holding our regular meetings in the IEEE room from now on. The room is great for holding club meetings, because unlike a classroom, it feels much more natural to have group discussions in there. It's also large enough that we don't feel crowded in there, as with our previous room.