Thursday, July 26, 2012

Beyond (GameMaker Prototype)

Last April, a few of us started a game project with the goal of making a game for the Independent Games Festival. The project ran into several problems [which we discussed during this meeting], but one of the biggest problems was that we were prototyping at an insanely slow pace. This prototype stood out as one of the more exceptional ones, because it was completely playable and it was made rapidly over the course of a few days.

This prototype was designed and programmed by Zuoming Shi using GameMaker, and it features artwork by Amy Pribadi and Pooria Rashidi.

Click here to download the executable for Windows computers.

Click here to download the original GameMaker file. You will need the full version of GameMaker to run it, but you can access the program for free from the McClelland Park 102 Computer Lab (make sure you use the Mac side of the computers, not Windows).